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Winter Pond, Revisited

The sun breaking through made me stop at this familiar spot to capture, yet again, an eloquent image of winter.

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Farm Swing Down, Morris, Conn.

The tire swing is lying on the snow, the branch is broken. Below are views of more golden days. One wonders how long it has been since children actually played here.

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Ice Storm Aftermath

I like the stark contrast of the ice-encrusted grass in the foreground and the dark silhouette of the hay wagon against a dramatic sky. The branches coming down from the top left point to the wagon and balance the framing … Continue reading

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Wintry Field, Bridgewater, Conn.

When the sun broke through after the ice storm, I headed out to shoot in the afternoon light. The field glittered and I saw the icicles on the fence, and I was moved to make the image.  

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Farm Wagon in Winter

The corn harvest long over, the wagon stands at the edge of the field on Airport Hill in Roxbury. Rain and mud have characterized this unusually mild winter. But ice and snow are on the way.

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Windswept, Southbury, Conn.

I was fascinated by the repetition of rooftop vents on this abandoned cow barn and the staunch, vine-covered chimney to the left. The decorative vent on the heating plant in the rear gave a churchlike aspect on this windswept winter day.

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Fog Rolling In

Photo copyright 2017 by Marc Isolda Out in the early morning looking for something to photograph, I saw there was fog in the valley and I figured the light would be nice on the lake. When I got there, this image … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Fly Again?

Photo copyright 2017 by Marc Isolda I felt sorry for the vintage planes in their snow-dusted graveyard on airport hill in Roxbury, Conn. Wheels sunk in the ground, they will never again know the thrill of flying through the clouds or feel the heat … Continue reading

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Snowfall on the Still River, Brookfield, CT

Photo copyright 2013 by Marc Isolda A dusting of snow and a misty sky along the Still River in Brookfield, CT, caused me to pull over and park under the thruway bridge and walk back to photograph this quiet scene.

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