First Cutting, Roxbury, Conn.

The first cutting came late this year, delayed by wet weather. I was intrigued by the diminutive tractor against the expansive background and recorded the scene for posterity.

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Lonesome Road, Roxbury, Conn.

The clouds envelop the tree, the road beckons.

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Con Trail Over Roxbury

The sun had dropped below the horizon, and the trail left by a jet heading into Kennedy airport 75 miles away was magically illuminated, piercing the clouds.


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Farm Swing Down, Morris, Conn.

The tire swing is lying on the snow, the branch is broken. Below are views of more golden days. One wonders how long it has been since children actually played here.

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Faded Glory

The Marine Corps flag to the right, the American flag to the left. have faded. The wreath on the door in mid-February may do the same. It’s hard to say. The ladders have stood unused for months. But good intentions remain.

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Roxbury Mist

I was captured by the fog rising from the valley below as it engulfed the trees, reminiscent of a Scottish mist.

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Crashing Waves at the Duck Trap, Lincolnville, Maine

So many elements in motion, a dynamic view of the shoreline at one of my favorite spots in Maine.

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Ice Storm Aftermath

I like the stark contrast of the ice-encrusted grass in the foreground and the dark silhouette of the hay wagon against a dramatic sky. The branches coming down from the top left point to the wagon and balance the framing of the trees on the right.

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Wintry Field, Bridgewater, Conn.

When the sun broke through after the ice storm, I headed out to shoot in the afternoon light. The field glittered and I saw the icicles on the fence, and I was moved to make the image.


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Farm Wagon in Winter

The corn harvest long over, the wagon stands at the edge of the field on Airport Hill in Roxbury. Rain and mud have characterized this unusually mild winter. But ice and snow are on the way.

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