Lakeside Lift Off

The great blue heron was standing completely still near the water’s edge at Lake Waramaug when I first saw it. A moment later it took flight.

I panned with a 100-400mm Canon lens on a 1.4 extender at maximum focal length and captured a long sequence before the bird moved out of view. Here are some highlights.

Photos by Marc Isolda. All rights reserved.

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Mediterranean Bells

These delicate bell-shaped flowers were in full bloom when I entered this classic English garden. My long lens allowed me to isolate them from the background, emphasizing their graceful repetition.

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Cloud Struck

The sunlight dancing on the clouds was all I needed to make this capture of a moment in time as another day came to an end.

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Spring Has Sprung

An ideal farm vista: stone wall, red barn, fields stretching to the horizon. Here there’s no hustle and bustle of city life. No wonder people escape to these quiet hills.

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

A late snow and an April rain reminded me how the seasons can overlap here in Connecticut. A walk in a garden between showers yielded the images of spring’s arrival.

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Looking for Lunch

My new neighbor, a handsome broad-winged hawk, showed up outside my window to scan for easy pickings at my bird feeder where small birds and mammals are likely to scamper. She sat unperturbed as I quietly made this photo through the glass.

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They look awfully cold sitting there out my window. Maybe they should have gone to Florida.

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A Walk in the Woods

The sunlight on the path beckoned. As I walked, the carpet of leaves crunched under my feet. The sun played on the tree branches and threw shadows to lead me in.

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After the Sunset, Bridgewater, Conn.

I waited an hour for the light to be right on the distant hills just after sunset. When the clouds moved in to fill the upper frame, I had my shot.

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Nipping Nectar

A mob of monarch butterflies were indulging in the garden. Here a female dips her proboscis into the ultraviolet buddleia, also known as a butterfly bush. It’s handy to bring your own straw to a drinking party.


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