Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

A late snow and an April rain reminded me how the seasons can overlap here in Connecticut. A walk in a garden between showers yielded the images of spring’s arrival.

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Looking for Lunch

My new neighbor, a handsome broad-winged hawk, showed up outside my window to scan for easy pickings at my bird feeder where small birds and mammals are likely to scamper. She sat unperturbed as I quietly made this photo through the glass.

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They look awfully cold sitting there out my window. Maybe they should have gone to Florida.

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A Walk in the Woods

The sunlight on the path beckoned. As I walked, the carpet of leaves crunched under my feet. The sun played on the tree branches and threw shadows to lead me in.

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After the Sunset, Bridgewater, Conn.

I waited an hour for the light to be right on the distant hills just after sunset. When the clouds moved in to fill the upper frame, I had my shot.

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Nipping Nectar

A mob of monarch butterflies were indulging in the garden. Here a female dips her proboscis into the ultraviolet buddleia, also known as a butterfly bush. It’s handy to bring your own straw to a drinking party.


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Bird life has been absent for a while from this neighborhood pond, and I was starting to worry there wouldn’t be any. Then the wood ducks arrived and this majestic blue heron appeared. I’m glad I was ready to capture the takeoff.

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Lovey Doves

This pair of mourning doves have taken up residence outside my window. Mom, below, is looking puffy. We all know what that means.  Dad is keeping a watchful eye above.

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Backyard Bear

It must have been Papa Bear foraging for the first time in the season, judging by the size of the footprints.  The tracks are what he left behind across my backyard and down the hill to the neighbors.



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Fix Me

The same scene in color and then in black-and-white — one closer, one pulled back — convey very different moods. I always find black-and-white more expressive. How about you? For another view, check out Susan Reinberg’s post of the photo she made at the same spot.

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